Hank Hazelwood – Vocals – Guitar

Native Californian, married to the love of my life with two wonderful adult sons.
My father, Eddie Hazelwood, was a singer/songwriter during the late 40’s & 50’s.  When I was 12, Dad took me back stage at The Grand Ole Opry, and introduced me to some of the biggest stars of country music.  That night proved pivotable on my future and my love of country music.

After high school, I joined the army.  Three years later, a civilian again, I took a job at a crane building shop.  There, I met George Hunter and his brother Mike.  George sang and played an amazing lead guitar.  Mike played a fantastic soulful, blues harmonica.   We’ve since spent endless hours jamming away, and perfecting our sound and along the way, formed a lifelong friendship.  George Hunter is the amazing other half of Double H Duo.


George Hunter – Vocals – Guitar – Sound guy.

Self taught starting with acoustic guitar and harmonica in the late 60’s. Bought my first no name electric in the 70s and fell in love with the blues. (Still have that guitar.) I enjoy playing all genres of music. To me, playing music is something you feel not just hear. When the energy going out to a crowd is returned with joy and movement I thank J.C. for the gift to be part of it.


Michael Hunter  – Harmonica – Backup Vocals

No musical training whatsoever, self-taught on harmonica and saxophone. Can’t read music so I play by ear. You never know what you will hear, but as long as it moves you, I’m satisfied. Hopefully it puts a smile on your face. Came of age in the 60’s and have always loved blues infused genres and have played harmonica ever since. Double H is the first band I have played in and I do it for the same reason I have always played; fun and the love of music.


Walt Welch is our incredible vocalist and bass player

Walt Welch is our incredible vocalist and bass player


Tony Fiori II – Rocking The Drums

Started playing drums at the age of 10 with decades of influences in the areas of, Alternative, Classic, Country, Grunge, Latin & Progressive Rock with additional inspiration in Contemporary Jazz, Reggae and Rhythm & Blues. This combination of music motivates my senses to continue performing with great friends and fellow musicians. It’s all about fun, meeting new people making them happy with my love for music.

1974 – McKinleyville, CA

  • Volume II Band – Classic Rock
  • Glenn Vickers & The Night Shift – Country Western Band

1981 – Coventry, RI – (36) Years on East Coast in the Music Circuit

  • Plexus – Classic Rock
  • The Country Fever Band – Beautiful River – Studio Release CD 2001 Copyright
  • Authority – Classic Rock – Sound Engineer
  • Wound Tight – Hard & Grunge Rock
  • Peach Hill – Classic Rock – Midi Band

2017 – 2022 Southern California

  • Moondance – Country & Latin Rock, Rhythm & Blues
  • HWY 40 – Classic & Country Rock, Rhythm & Blues
  • The Cal-Zones – Classic & Hard Rock – Studio Work
  • Double H Band – Classic Rock, Country & Country Rock